Researching the Kolbs in my family has been made easier by the large Culp/Cobb/Kolb genealogy community.  They've helped me establish the first few generations listed below, and have provided other resources.  A history of my branch of the Kolb family, with my direct ancestors in blue, is below.


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        1.   Dielman KOLB, born 1648 at Wolfsheim, Germany (KH); died 1712 (KH); buried 1712 at Mannheim, Germany (KH). Dielman and Agnes had at least seven and perhaps ten children. An 1685 census in Wolfsheim shows them with 5 sons and 2 daughters. Five or six of the sons came to America, as did two grandsons (KH).

        Dielman KOLB married Agnes SCHUMACHER (the daughter of Peter SCHUMACHER) born 1662 (calculated from her death date - Cassel 16); died 1705 at Wolfsheim, Germany (KH); buried 1705 at Wolfsheim, Germany (KH).

        They had the following children:

        + 2 i Johannes KOLB.
        + 3 ii Peter KOLB.
           4 iii Ann KOLB, born 1676 (KH); died 1738 (KH).
        + 5 iv Henry KOLB.


        2. Johannes KOLB, born 19 May 1683 at Wolfsheim, Germany (KH) died 31 Jan 1759 at South Carolina (Bible record of son Martin Kolb). Nickname: "Colonel John." Johannes Kolb, son of Dielman and Agnes Kolb, came to America in 1707 with his brothers Martin and Jacob. They first settled in Germantown and by 1709 had moved to Skippack, PA, which is now in Montgomery Co, PA. There, according to a deed dated 15 Dec 1709, he purchased 150 acres of land. He also owned land in Coventry Township in Chester County (KH). Sometime after 1734, the family sold the farm and moved south by ship to Charleston or down the Shenandoah Valley with Scotch-Irish, Welsh, and German pioneers to South Carolina, where he received a grant of 650 acres in the Causeway neck of the Pee Dee River in 1737 and the family made their home there between 1737 and 1742. The homestead was located on Causeway Neck, now Byrd's Island, on a plot north of the loop but south of Sugar Loaf.

        A record signed by Deputy Surgeon George Pawley show that "by virtue of a precept bearing the date of Feb 7, 1737, there was laid out unto Winyaw, and in the Welsh tract, Jan 10, 1742." Johannes operated a mill at Cashway Ferry and left this and other properties to his oldest son Tillman Kolb. (culp/johan.htm)

        Johannes KOLB married Sarah (surname unknown). They had the following children:

         + 6 i Jacob KOLB.
            7 ii Tillman KOLB.
            8 iii Henry KOLB.
            9 iv Martin KOLB.
            10 v Peter KOLB.
            11 vi Mechitable KOLB.
            12 vii Sarah KOLB.
            13 viii Hannah KOLB.
            14 ix Mary KOLB.

        3. Peter KOLB, born 1671 (KH); died 1727 (KH). He was a Mennonite minister and Bishop, and is buried at Mannheim. He did not come to America, but two of is sons did, and some of his descendants later immigrated to Canada from Bucks Co., PA. Some researchers believe that Peter is the father of Hans Casper Kolb who came to American in 1729.

        5. Henry KOLB, born 1679 (KH); died Jul 1739 (KH). Henry Kolb emigrated to America in 1707, where he settled in Germantown and then at Skippack, Montgomery Co, PA. There he was a minister at Skippack Mennonite Church. (KH).


        6. Jacob KOLB, born ca. 1720s; died 28 Dec 1759 (KH). In 1753, Jacob petitioned for land in the Welsh Tract (having then a plantation in the Pee Dee). He received a grant of land in Craven Co, SC on 30 Nov 1753. This tract of land was formerly held by one of the original settlers in the area, Joseph Dopson, who was occupying it as a squatter (see pp. 50-83 of History of Old Cheraws). Jacob is listed as having been killed during the Cherokee Indian Rebellion of 1759-1761 (see South Carolina Soldiers and Patriots, ed. Leonardo Andrea). This text also lists James Kolb as a soldier in this war Jacob KOLB married wife of Jacob KOLB.

        They had the following children:

        + 15 i Harmon KOLB.
            16 ii Jonathan KOLB.
        + 17 iii James KOLB.
            18 iv Joseph KOLB.
            19 v Jehu KOLB.
            20 vi Joshua KOLB.


        15. Harmon KOLB, born ca 1750. Harmon KOLB married wife of Harmon KOLB.  (This the family attribution of paternity, but other Kolb researchers report that it is likely that Harmon KOLB never married and had no children.  However, I currently have no other link, so I'm listing the family story until I can find better information!)  They may have had::

        + 21 i Richard Jones KOLB.

        17. James KOLB, born 1740 (Johannes Kolb homepage); died May 1807 (Johannes Kolb homepage). James KOLB married Elizabeth (last name unknown).


        21. Richard Jones KOLB, born 3 Oct 1775 at Abbeville District, NC ( (Dee Saul) records); died 2 Jul 1841 at Fayette Co, IN; buried 1842 at Bentonville Cemetery, Posey, Fayetteville, IN (Dee Saul records). Born in Abbeville District, NC. Sometime before 1809, moved to Georgia. In 1809, moved to area near Connersville, Franklin County, Indiana. In 1812, moved to Fayette County, Indiana. In 1814 he was a founding member of the Lick Creek Baptist Church (founding date 14 May 1814). He received a homestead from the US government in Fayette County (date not mentioned). By 1875 this homestead was located 1 mile north and 1/2 mile west of Harrisburg, Indiana, about 4 or 5 miles south-southeasts of Bentonville. Bentonville Cemetery is located 1.5 miles south of Bentonville, Posey Twp (Dee Saul).

    Richard Jones KOLB married Mehetable TYNER born ca 1775 (Dee Saul records); died 
    1848  (Dee Saul records); buried 1848 at Lick Creek Cemetery, Harrison Twp.  
    (Dee Saul records).  They had the following children:
        + 22 i William KOLB.
           23 ii Caroline KOLB, born ca 1801 (family records).
        + 24 iii Silas KOLB.
        + 25 iv Christiana KOLB.
        + 26 v Leonore KOLB.


        22. William KOLB, born 7 Jun 1805 at Georgia (article from Oxford, IN, newspaper; Kolb family Bible); died 29 Jul 1898 at Oxford, IN (article from Oxford, IN, newspaper; Kolb family Bible); buried at West Cemetery, Oxford, IN. William Kolb was born in Georgia on June 7, 1805, the son of Richard and Mehetable Tyner Kolb. (The San Joaquin Valley History claims that he was "reared and educated" in GA.) The family emigrated four years later, in 1809, to Franklin County, Indiana. When William was about seventeen, in 1822, they moved to a new piece of land in Fayette County, IN. There William Kolb grew to maturity helping his father clear the dense forest that allowed them to establish a home and farm near Connersville. On May 6, 1828, at the age of 22, William married 20-year-old Kizia Rich of Rush County. Together they would live to celebrate over seventy years of marriage, and would have ten children, nine of which they raised to maturity. Three years after their marriage, William "entered" (that is, put in a claim on a land-grant?) 80 acres of land in the northern part of Rush? County. There the William Kolb family lived until 1854, when they moved to the Oxford area, where they would spend the remainder of their long lives. There they settled on and improved an existing farm 3 miles northwest of Oxford. (Perhaps William was weary of the arduous task of clearing new land with every move!) In 1868, when the war was over and most of their children were grown, they left the farm and moved to town.
        William Kolb "became a Christian" (member of a particular church or denomination?) relatively late in life - in 1836 or 1837 and was a churchgoer for 62 years. A newspaper clipping celebrating the 70th anniversary of Kizia and William's marriage headlines them as "The Oldest Couple in the County." William is quoted as saying "he remembers the War of 1812, and especially the closing incidents in 1814, the Mexican War, the Rebellion (Civil War) and now the Cuban War. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Kolb are among the earliest settlers of Benton County."
        Their daughter Phoebe, who never married, looked after her parents as they aged. William lived to a ripe old age - over 93. Kizia followed him to the grave one year after his death. All of the children except the youngest made it past infancy, but the oldest son, Dr. Jonathan Kolb of Oxford, predeceased his parents. Source: Articles from newspaper, probably Oxford, IN, obituary and anniversary celebration.

        William KOLB married Keziah RICH (the daughter of John H. RICH and Elizabeth RICH) 6 May 1828 at Fayette Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs); born 17 Apr 1808 at Adams Co, OH (San Joaquin Valley History; also obit.); died 5 Aug 1899 at Oxford, IN (obit for KR, Oxford IN paper.); buried at West Cemetery, Oxford, IN. They had the following children:

        + 27 i Jasper T. KOLB.
        + 28 ii Mary Jane KOLB.
        + 29 iii Mahala KOLB.
        + 30 iv William D. KOLB.
        + 31 v Richard KOLB.
        + 32 vi Albert KOLB.
           33 vii Phoebe KOLB, born 10 Oct 1838 at Rush Co, IN  (Willard Kolb fhs); died 16 Jun 1927 (Willard Kolb fhs).
        + 34 viii Jonathan KOLB (Dr.).
        + 35 ix John Horace KOLB.

        24. Silas KOLB, born ca 1803 (family records). Silas KOLB married Christine PENWELL.

        25. Christiana KOLB, born ca 1812 (family records).   Christiana KOLB married John MILLER.

        26. Leonore KOLB, born ca 1816 (family records). Leonore KOLB married David HOOVER.


        27. Jasper T. KOLB (farmer), born 9 Aug 1836; died 7 Jan 1918; buried Reedley Cemetery at Reedley, Kings Co, CA. Jasper Kolb was born in the town of Lafayette, Rush County, Indiana, the sixth of nine surviving children of William Kolb and Kizia or Keziah Rich Kolb (q.v.). He was educated in district schools, afterward attending the Kokomo Normal School for a period of time. When the Kolb family moved to Benton County in 1854, Jasper taught school for two terms at Tippecanoe, all the while helping run the family farm. "Anxious to further his education, Mr. Kolb then began to work on his own account, and with the money thus earned he paid his way through one of the higher institutions of learning [was this the Kokomo Normal School, or another college/university?], being principally employed in teaching." At the age of about twenty he embraced Christianity (was baptized?) and remained a churchgoer for the rest of his life.
        Like many men of his generation, Jasper was formed by active military service in the Civil War. He not only survived the war, with its disease, terrible battles, and long duration, but managed to distinguish himself as a soldier. At 25, Jasper Kolb enlisted as a private on November 9, 1861 in Company E, 40th Indiana` Volunteer Infantry. Over the next four years, he took part in the following named battles: Stone River; Missionary Ridge, where he received two slight wounds; Buzzards Roost; Resaca; Dallas; New Hope Church; Lost Mountain; Kennesaw Mountain, where he received a slight flesh wound; Peach [Tree] Creek; Lovejoy Station; Jonesboro; Spring Hill; Franklin, where he was twice wounded; and Nashville. In the November 30, 1864 Nashville battle, under the leadership of General Thomas, Jasper was so severely wounded in the left [right?] thigh, the bone being fractured, that he was hospitalized in Nashville and later moved to the Louisville Hospital. From there he was sent home to recuperate.
        Two months later, after recovering fully, he reenlisted and rejoined his regiment at Huntsville, Alabama. From there he was ordered to Texas, where he was stationed until January 1866. At that time, the Confederate surrender having been finalized, the U. S. government began to disband its army. Jasper returned with his regiment to Indiana. On January 23, 1866, he was mustered out at Indianapolis. He had risen to the rank of first lieutenant of his company.
        Less than two months later, a new chapter opened in Jasper's life. On March 13, 1866, he married 22-year-old Maria Knight of Lafayette, Indiana. Together they would enjoy more than fifty years of marriage and raise six children, three of who would survive them. The couple located in Fountain County, Indiana, where Jasper was successfully engaged as a lumber manufacturer and dealer for nearly twenty years. They had six children - Nellie, the twins Clay and May, Jesse, Lizzie, and Ada Nettie. May died at the age of 6. In 1891, the 17-year-old Ada Nettie ("Tink") succumbed to tuberculosis. Lizzie lived to marry, but died of "galloping consumption" (also TB) within six weeks of diagnosis, leaving two young children.
        In either 1870 (Pension Declaration) or 1884 (article), Jasper and Maria emigrated to California, traveling west on the Southern Pacific Railroad through the Southwest. This move took them far from the rest of their family members, most of whom (on the Kolb side) appear to have remained around Oxford, IN. They landed first in San Miguel in San Luis County. Here, in Sunflower Valley near Lost Hills, Kern County, they homesteaded from 1885-1887, raising crops and livestock. In about 1888 they moved to Kern County, west of the town of Delano. In 1891 or 1892, they moved to Tulare County and bought what they family referred to as "the old home place," west of Dinuba. There Jasper bought 40 acres and planted an alfalfa crop and an orchard. Later he added 40 adjoining acres, doubling the size of the farm. 14 acres of the farm were planted with fruit trees; the rest was devoted to hay and alfalfa, fodder for the dairy and beef cattle that were his specialty. In 1914, Jasper and Maria retired and moved into a modest home in Dinuba (on J Street, across from the high school).
        Throughout his life, Jasper was active in patriotic work. He served in his local GAR organization, was a supporter of Prohibition ticket, and active in local politics. He and Maria were members of the Dinuba Christian Church. He was buried in the Reedley cemetery, with General Shafter, Post G.A.R., officiating.

        Jasper T. KOLB married Maria KNIGHT (the daughter of Jordan KNIGHT and Jane SHEARER) 13 Mar 1866 at Lafayette Co, IN (Kolb family bible); born 26 Sep 1844 (Knight family bible); died 27 Feb 1927 (Knight family bible); buried Reedley Cemetery at Reedley, Kings Co, CA.  They had the following children:

        + 36 i Nellie Bly KOLB.
           37 ii Infant Son KOLB, born 17 Sep 1867 (Knight family bible); died 21 Oct 1867 (Knight family bible); buried Indiana.
        + 38 iii Lizzie Grant KOLB.
           39 iv Freddie KOLB, born 3 Nov 1870; died 6 Oct 1871 (Knight family bible); buried Battle Grnd Cem at Lafayette, IN.
           40 v Ada Nettie KOLB, born 5 Jul 1872; died 4 July 1891; buried at Delano, CA.
        + 41 vi Henry Clay Cassel KOLB.
        + 42 vii Mabel May KOLB.
        + 43 viii Jesse James KOLB.

        28. Mary Jane KOLB, born 17 Feb 1829 at Fayette Co, IN (Willard Kolb); died 17 Feb 1914 at Oxford, IN (Willard Kolb). Mary Jane KOLB married John M. CHEAK 29 Feb 1852 (Willard Kolb fhs).

        29. Mahala KOLB, born 18 Aug 1834 at Rush Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs); died 8 May 1923 at Oxford, IN (Willard Kolb fhs). Mahala KOLB married Levi BENEDICT 24 Oct 1860 at Benton Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs).

        30. William D. KOLB. William D. KOLB married Lillis Jane UTTER 16 Jan 1868 at
    Benton Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs).

        31. Richard KOLB, born 1840 at Rush Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs); died 21 Oct 1925 (Willard Kolb fhs). Richard KOLB married Huldah A. KIGER 27 Mar 1864 at Benton Co, IN. Richard KOLB married Sabra PENNER 13 Jan 1873 at Fountain Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs).

        32. Albert KOLB. Albert KOLB married Harriet F. PAGETT 2 Mar 1871 at Benton
    Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs).

        34. Jonathan KOLB Dr., born 22 Oct 1830 at Fayette Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs); died 13 Sep 1896 at Oxford, IN (Willard Kolb fhs.). Jonathan KOLB Dr. married Mary Elizabeth SKETO born 14 Nov 1858.

        35. John Horace KOLB, born 15 Aug 1832 at Rush Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs); died 17 Apr 1913 at Lafayette, IN (Willard Kolb fhs). John Horace KOLB married Margaret Ann CRIST 20 Mar 1859 at Lafayette, IN (Willard Kolb fhs).

        John Horace KOLB married Jemima DEATH 27 Feb 1891 at Fountain Co, IN (Willard Kolb fhs); born 14 Sep 1839 at Fountain Co, IN (Gerhart); died 23 June 1912 at West Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN (Gerhart). They had the following children:

        + 44 i Chester KOLB.


        36. Nellie Bly KOLB, born 16 Aug 1874 at Lafayette, IN?; died 4 Aug 1946; buried Reedley Cemetery. Died of cancer. Nellie Bly KOLB married Edward Frederick LA MORE (farmer), (the son of Robert Peter LA MORE and Lucy Ann ARCULARIUS) 6 Jan 1912 at Hanford, CA (Kolb family bible); born 4 Aug 1865 at Moline, Rock Is Co, IL; died 4 Apr 1932 at Reedley, Kings Co, CA; buried Reedley Cemetery.   Nellie was a very strong character who had a career as a practical nurse throughout her life.  She married Fred La More relatively late in life, and survived him by many years, running their raisin farm during the Depression, turning a good profit and (with great mental toughness) resisting the local Raisin Cooperative.  She took the name "Bly" as her middle name in mid-life, as a tribute to the famous "girl reporter" whose pseudonym was "Nellie Bly."  They had the following children:

        + 45 i Helen Grace LA MORE.
        + 46 ii Hazel June LA MORE.

        38. Lizzie Grant KOLB, born 14 Sep 1868; died 19 May 1895, very shortly after her marriage, from "galloping consumption," or a virulent case of TB, in Traver, CA; buried Reedley Cemetery at Reedley, Kings Co, CA. Lizzie Grant KOLB married J. Oscar KEIGER 22 Sep 1866 at San Luis Obispo, CA (Kolb family bible).  They had the following children:

        + 47 i Edna May KEIGER.
           48 ii Floyd Ralph KEIGER, born 26 Aug 1890 at Lodi, IN (Kolb family bible); died 31 May 1929; buried Reedley Cemetery at Reedley, Kings Co, CA.

        41. Henry Clay Cassel KOLB, born 16 Jun 1878; died 11 Jul 1955; buried Reedley Cemetery at Reedley, Kings Co, CA. Was named for a minister who had been Jasper and Maria's minister - his name was Henry Clay. Henry Clay Cassel KOLB married Etta Bell FURMAN 29 Jun 1912 at Hanford, CA (Kolb family bible); born 1912; died 5 Jul 1931 (of a stroke). They had the following children:

        + 49 i Veda May KOLB.

        42. Mabel May KOLB, born 16 Jun 1878; died 27 Nov 1884; buried at San Miguel, SLO Co, CA. Died of "putrid sore throat," which was the common terminology then for diphtheria.

        43. Jesse James KOLB, born 1 Jun 1882; died 14 Nov 1941; buried at Clovis, CA. Jesse James KOLB married Ethel DAVIS 13 Mar 1903 at Dinuba, Tulare Co, CA (Kolb family bible); born 1881; died 1956.

    44. Chester KOLB, born 27 Dec 1879 at Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN (Gerhart); died 10 Apr 1970 at Little Rock, AR (Gerhart). Chester KOLB married Lillian May SMILEY 23 Dec 1903 (Gerhart); born 1 Mar 1883 at Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN (Gerhart); died 20 June 1947 at Little Rock, AR (Gerhart). They had the following children:

        + 50 i Eugene Edward KOLB.
        + 51 ii Allen Ewing KOLB.
        + 52 iii Myron Dale KOLB.
        + 53 iv Marguerite KOLB.
        + 54 v Leland Smiley KOLB.

    I have omitted information that might compromise the privacy of living family members..  If you have questions, corrections, or suggestions, please e-mail me.

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